Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign

The United States has the highest rates of elderly prisoner incarceration in the world. Historically over time this poli-socio-economic policy making practice has resulted in the national crisis called aging people in prison. Men and women are spending decades in prison up to 30, 40, 50, and even 60 years or more separated from parents, children, families, and communities. A person incarcerated in their youth and over time aging in prison creates broken families and a fractured society with little hope for those left to languish and die in prison.

In 2015  a group of dedicated people located outside of New York began to do work with the group Release Aging People in Prison; this caused the vision and platform to grow and expand. Inevitably in 2017, a split occurred in the RAPP organization which would result in a new organization being formed, called Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign, led by a group of sincerely committed directly impacted people. It is a human rights organization that places the elderly prisoner within a punishment paradigm into one of human rights. In fact, the original crime has been superseded by the exorbitant amount of time people are kept in prison, thus leading to the crisis of aging people in prison. One basic human right is to live and die in the most humane way possible; growing up, living, and dying in prison violates that human birth right deemed by moral law. Thus Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign advocates, educates, and lobbies for the human rights of aging people in prison; and their ultimate release and return of them to their family and community before their natural life expires.

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