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Federal Bureau of Prisons/BOP: COVID-19 Updates-

World Health Organization-Preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detention.,6SM73,FLWT3F,R7PLZ,1

Pandemic Response Justice Act- May 12, 2020.


NY-Greg Mingo; 39 Years in Prison-

MD-Eraina Pretty; 42 Years in Prison- Free Dec.2020

NB-Ed Poindexter; 50 Years in Prison-

FL-Michael B. Edwards; 27 Years in Prison-

GA-H. Rap Brown/Iman Jamil Al-Amin; 20 Years in Prison-

LA-Gloria Williams; 50 Years in Prison-

MD-Kenny Collins; 33 Years in Prison-

PA- Carl Sheldon Daniels; 32 Years in Prison-


NY-TeAna Taylor Continues to Seek Clemency for Her Father. December 27, 2020.

MD-Pandemic underscores need to release more elderly prisoners | COMMENTARY. December 22, 2020.

MI-Mich. Man Imprisoned for 37 Years on Murder Conviction Is Exonerated After Witness Admits She Lied- December 16, 2020.

MD-Eraina Pretty- December 15, 2020.

MD-Eraina Pretty-‘Worthy of mercy’: Maryland’s longest-serving woman behind bars wins her freedom amid coronavirus concerns- December 14, 2020.

MD-Eraina Pretty- December 14, 2020.

Fed-The Graying of Mass Incarceration- December 3, 2020.


NB-Edward Poindexter-Community activists move to pardon elderly prisoners due to COVID-19 risk- November 24, 2020
NB-Edward Poindexter-Preston Love Jr. calls for release of Ed Poindexter.- November 24, 2020.
Life without parole is a ‘secret death penalty.’ It’s also against Catholic teaching.- November 19, 2020.
NJ-Compassion, savings demand releasing elderly N.J. prisoners | Letters- November 2, 2020.


NC- Duke Study Finds Race Matters for Those Sentenced to Life Without Parole- 27, 2020.

FL-Fort Myers Man Serving 60-Year Sentence for Ounce of Cocaine asks Governor, Cabinet for Mercy- October 24, 2020.

TN-"I'm free at Last: Curtis McDonald Released after Spending 24 Years in Prison- October 22, 2020.

FED-Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grants of Clemency- October 21, 2020.

NC- Study Examines Aging NC Prison Population, Policies Keeping People Imprisoned Longer- October 12, 2020.

David Gilbert-Another Voice: David Gilbert, other Elderly Inmates Deserve Clemency- October 11, 2020.

Federal-Correction Officials Thwarting Medical Parole- . October 9, 2020.

Federal-Thousands of Sick Federal Prisoners Sought Compassionate Release, 98% Were Denied- October 7, 2020.

CA-California Governor Signs Measure Giving Low Level Offenders 2nd Chance, Older Prisoners a Break- October 5, 2020.


Lacino Hamilton-MI- DNA Clears Detroit Man of Slaying After 26 Years in Prison- September 30, 2020.

PA- Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Recommends Commutation for 8 lifers, including 3 Women- / September 4, 2020.

PA- Two Sets of Brothers Spent Decades in Prison, This May be their Last Chance to Get Out - // September 1, 2020.


PA-Carl Sheldon Daniels- FREEDOM CAMPAIGN-

Let's Get Free Art Contest Raises Awareness for Women Sentenced to Life Without Parole-

MD- I'm a Public Defender. I Don't Want My Client to Die in Prison From Coronavirus- August 28, 2020

PA- Advocates Rally for Pennsylvania Board of Pardons to Commute 22 Inmates-

FL- After 37 Years He's Free; Exonerated Man Walks Out of Florida Prison- August 27, 2020.

SC- UCI Law Students Secure Compassionate Release for 74 year old Veteran- August 27, 2020.

FEDERAL-Casualties of The Crack Era: To day's Aging Prisoners- August 26, 2020.

MD-Senator Jill Carter: Maryland's Opportunity to Move from the Best to the Worst- // August 15, 2020.

RONNIE LONG-Faith leaders join lawmakers and more than 34,000 citizens in calling for release of Ronnie August 5, 2020.

HEALTH-Cancer treatment in WA prisons often too little, too late
Public records and interviews with officials and advocates reveal why cancer is a growing cause of death for an aging prison population. August 5,2020.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE-‘We’re Not Going To Send You To Jail’: Avondale Restorative Justice Court Gives Alternative To Resolve Crime. August 3, 2020.


WAR ON DRUGS/Marijuana-Richard DeLisi, 71, suffers in a Florida prison while others make millions on marijuana. July 26, 2020.

VICKIE ROACH-Vickie Roach saw her first death in custody at 18. She's spent the decades since fighting to abolish prisons. July 8, 2020.

COMMUTATIONS: Commentary: Commutations Are Not the Answer to Life without Parole. . July 5, 2020.

MISSISSIPPI-Some 2,000 inmates could be eligible for parole if MS governor signs prison reform bill. July 1, 2020.

ABOLITION/MARYILYNN WYNN -What Prison Abolition Actually Looks Like. July 1, 2020.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE-Can ‘Mainstream’ DAs Become Restorative Justice Supporters? July 1, 2020.


New York NURSING HOME-Move of older prisoners to Adirondack Correctional ignites fear, outrage among their families- June 30, 2020.

Louisiana-As kids, they were sentenced to a lifetime in prison. A new law might give them a second chance- June 29, 2020.

Federal-Prisoners in US suffering dementia may hit 200,000 within the next decade – many won’t even know why they are behind bars- June 25, 2020.

Bobby Moore-Bobby Moore’s death sentence is changed to life in prison after lengthy court fights over intellectual disability- . June 8, 2020.

Jalil Muntaquim-New York State Won’t Grant Temporary Release To Former Black Panther Hospitalized With Covid-19- June 8, 2020. (50 years in prison)

Virginia-The criminal justice reform agenda Virginia Democrats deferred to 2021- June 7, 2020.

Federal Settlement Reached On Reducing Prison Population To Prevent COVID Spread- . June 7, 2020.


Benjamin Smalls, Jailhouse Lawyer and Prison Reformer, Dies at 72- May 31, 2020.

Jalil Muntaqim- New York Appealed to Keep an Elderly Prisoner Behind Bars — Then He Got Coronavirus- May 27, 2020. (Former Black Panther, in prison for 47 years, denied release for the ninth time- December 2018.)

NYRAPP-Those Most in Need Of Mercy: Why Melissa Tanis Works to Get Elders Out of Prison- May 20, 2020.

Women Prisoners- How Long is Long Enough for a Woman Serving a Life Sentence? May 15, 2020.

NEW YORK-He Was One of New York’s Most Famous Prisoners. Now He’s One of Its Oldest—and Most Vulnerable. May 13, 2020.

OHIO-Multiple Ohio prison deaths include inmate arguing innocence- May 11, 2020. NOTE- (Carlos Ridley; client of Innocence Project died of COVID-19 in prison after proclaiming innocence for over 40 years.)

Abolition/Decarceration-Building a more humane future: Organizing for prison abolition during COVID-19. May 8, 2020.

Guest Commentary: RJI Recommendations for Countries Responding to Covid-19 in Prisons & Jails. . May 4, 2020.

Florida-Point of View: Officials should order ‘conditional medical release’ for Florida prison, jail inmates. May 3, 2020. 

Eraina Pretty Freedom Campaign News Articles


APP-HRC Freedom Campaign-PA-Woman involved in 1976 Chester County murder released- . April 27, 2020. (NOTE: Ms. Eliza Medley passed Wednesday early morning on May 15, 2020. She spent 45 years in prison as part of group crime, she was not the shooter, she was 20 years old. She released from prison hospice with liver and kidney disease in April 2020 to her last surviving sibling a sister. Her parents and other siblings died during her 45 years in prison. ) 

APP-HRC Freedom Campaign-MO-Documentary about longest-serving female inmate in Missouri urges clemency amid COVID-19 spread- . April 3, 2020.


Abolition/Restorative Justice-Leap of faith: Programming radical imagination- March 21, 2020.

Illinois-Amensa Bne Ra-


Albert Woodfox-

Romaine Chip Fitzgerald-




Michael Edwards-30 yrs in prison for a tablespoon of cocaine

Willie Mae Harris-

Restorative justice-


Second Chances-

New York-

South Africa-

Prison Monopoly-






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