Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign

NJ-Sundiata Acoli; 80 yrs old, 43 yrs in prison, denied parole in June 2016; told to come back for parole hearing in 15 yrs. MD-Eraina Pretty, 57 yrs old, 39yrs in prison, (Note: see ABC News video on NEWS and ARTICLES page under Maryland). VA- 4male prisoners age 80+, 30+ yrs in prison, blind and/or deaf, MO-Patty Prewitt, 65 yrs old, 30 yrs in prison, eligible for parole in 2036. Left behind 5 children. FL-Antonio Bascaro, 83 yrs old, 36 yrs in prison, CA-Mary Rose Ziman/Native American, 67 yrs old, 27 yrs in prison, PA- Joseph Ligon; 79 yrs old, 63 yrs in prison, offered parole in 2016, but refused remains in prison. MI-Sheldry Topp, 72 yrs old, 55 yrs in prison, PA-MOVE9, 39yrs in prison, each sentenced to 100 yrs in prison, 2 died in prison, 7 alive. NC-Leopoldo Hernandez Miranda, 78 yrs old, over 23 yrs in prison. MD- Kenneth Collins; 53 yrs old, 30 yrs in prison, 17 yrs on death row. AL-Alice Marie Johnson; 62 yrs old, 21 yrs in prison. Left behind 4 children.