MS- Evelyn Smith; 32 Years in Prison-

NB-Ed Poindexter; 42 Years in Prison- (died in prison December 7, 2023)

FL-Michael B. Edwards; 27 Years in Prison-

MD-Kenny Collins; 33 Years in Prison-

NY- Michelle West-

PA-Carl Sheldon Daniels; 32 Years in Prison-

GA-CIVIL RIGHTS ICON -H. Rap Brown/Imam Jamil Al-Amin; 23 Years in Prison-,

MI- Horrace Peterson; 48 Years in Prison-

MS-Mark Sumrell; 17 Years in Prison- ----


VA-Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne Have Been Wrongfully Incarcerated For 20+ Years-


NB- Ed Poindexter, who spent a half-century in prison for a crime many say he didn’t commit, died Thursday. December 8, 2023

Iman Jamil Al-Amin aka H. Rap Brown (Civil Rights Icon; Incarcerated 2000-Present) -New podcast revisits the conviction of Jamil Al-Amin. December 5, 2023.

The Marshall Project -Elderly in Prison

AL-Rocky is on death row for murder - he's spent 30 years pleading his innocence. November 8, 2023.

OH-After nearly 40 years behind bars in Ohio, DNA testing is finally underway. November 9, 2023.

IL-Clemency granted for Illinois man serving life for drug conviction under ‘three-strikes’ law. November 3, 2023.

AR-Gov. Sanders denies clemency to Charlie Vaughn, an innocent man who’s been in prison for decades. November 3, 2023.

US-United Nations’ Reports Note ‘Systemic Racism’ in U.S. Legal System-United Nations’ Reports Note ‘Systemic Racism’ in U.S. Legal System | Davis Vanguard. October 7, 2023.

TX-Man convicted for murder of Irish priest is exonerated after 40 years-Man Convicted for Murder of Irish Priest Is Exonerated After 40 Years ( October 6, 2023.

US-UN Calls for Reform of US Justice System to Combat Systemic Racism-UN Calls for Reform of US Justice System to Combat Systemic Racism ( October 5, 2023. 

NC-Expanded prison medical release eligibility provides opportunity for more sick, aging incarcerated people to go home before they die-More people eligible for medical release from NC prisons | NC Health News ( October 2, 2023.

US-The United Nations Calls Out "Racist" US Criminal Justice System-The United Nations Calls Out "Racist" US Criminal Justice System ( September 29, 2023.

CA-Nearly 30 Years After Falsely Confessing To Rape, Robbery, California Man Is Finally Exonerated-Gerardo Cabanillas Exonerated of Rape after 28 Years | Crime News ( September 28, 2023.

MA-Is Massachusetts’ prison population aging as fast as national rates?-

FED-I’ve Reported on Dementia for Years, and One Image of a Prisoner Keeps Haunting Me- August 11, 2023.

FED-Census Bureau and Reform Group Note Dramatic Rise in Older Americans Behind Bars- August 7, 2023.

FL-Geriatric Jailbirds: Florida's Elderly Inmate Population Has Skyrocketed- August 4, 2023.

LA-They Know What They Did. They’d Like You to Know Who They’ve Become; These men have spent their entire adult life in prison. How much punishment is enough?-- August 1, 2023.

VA-Marsha Garst Talks Public Defenders, Drug Court With Valley Justice Coalition- June 5, 2023

VA-Guest Post by Debra Turner: We Need a Local Public Defender’s Office- June 2, 2023.

International/Zimbabwe-Zimbabwe releases prisoners in amnesty, reducing overcrowding.,66806. May 20, 2023.

National- In 2022, exonerations hit a record high in the U.S. Globally, potential innocence has long outweighed potential guilt. That philosophy of justice may not be one that the majority of Americans endorse. May 20, 2023.

NY-DYING BEHIND BARS: ANOTHER FORM OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Prisons are ill-equipped to handle their aging population, which has tripled in the past two decades. May 4, 2023.

FED-Red Cross Expresses Alarm Over Detainee Health at Guantánamo Bay; As the prisoners age, their physical and mental health needs are increasingly challenging, the leader of a visiting delegation said- April 23, 2023.

FED-Guantanamo Bay prisoners show signs of ‘accelerated ageing’: ICRC- April 22, 2023.

CROSLEY GREEN- Crosley Green's Hard Times-

CROSLEY GREEN-Crosley Green's final hours of freedom- April 21, 2023.

FED-Do long prison sentences prevent crime? New study questions conventional wisdom- April 7, 2023.

IN- House bill looks to modify sentence for elderly, seriously ill prisoners- April 6, 2023.

IN-U.S. panel votes to expand compassionate release for prisoners- April 6, 2023.

MI-Aging in Prison: A look at nation's oldest inmate population April 2, 2023.

FL-FL-Emotional moment tearful mother hugs her son, 57, as he is exonerated and freed 34 years into a 400-year prison sentence after Florida state reinvestigated the armed robbery he was convicted of- March 22, 2023.

OR-Oregon’s Prison Population Is Aging, Fast- March 16, 2023.

NY-Man Exonerated 33 Years After Bed Stuy Murder He Didn't Commit: DA- March 16, 2023.

CA-California Sought the Death Penalty – 38 Years Later, the Defendant is Exonerated- March 7, 2023.

AL-Alabama prisons won’t release elderly and ailing: ‘I sure did think I would die in there’- February 21, 2023.

FED-Sentencing Commission considers what would qualify inmates for compassionate release- February 23, 2023.

FL-The War on Drugs Persisist for Older Incarcerated People in Florida; Leftover policies from the war on drugs and privatized prison health care companies are keeping older people in prison with poor access to necessary care- February 22, 2023.

MD-Former Maryland Death Row Prisoner Exonerated After 40 Years- February 9, 2023.

CA-Opinion: Elderly Prisoners Who Have Changed Shouldn’t Be Left to Die in Jail- February 9, 2023.

MD-Supporters push for reform of Maryland’s medical, geriatric parole system- February 9, 2023.

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Leonard Peltier-Indigenous activist Leonard Peltier in plea for clemency after 47 years in jail- February 6, 2023.

VA-Bill to limit early release for elderly prisoners passes Virginia House gatekeepers- February 2, 2023.

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MD-Maryland among the ‘worst’ states for releasing aging or sick prisoners. Is reform coming?- January 30, 2023.

KS-Prisoner who maintained innocence in KCK murder and sued over treatment dies of cancer- February 26, 2023

HI-Ian Schweitzer Exonerated of Murder After 25 Years in Hawaii- 24, 2023.

NY- The People Left Behind: Advocates renew push to pass parole reform- January 24, 2023.

Fed-Federal Inmates Suffering From Unconstitutional Medical Neglect Could Get Relief Under Rule Change- January 23, 2023.