Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign


RESTORATIVE JUSTICE- Howard Zehr; Lifers; Doing Life and Coping-

Restoration and Rehabilitation- Opinion: Prisons – If you build it, you gotta fill it. January 26, 2018.

A Brief Case for Prison Abolition We know prisons are racist, classist and abusive. Are they also obsolete? January 5, 2018

“Dromm, RAPP Campaign Hail Passage of CARE Act”- RAPP Campaign. December 19, 2017.

A Life-Changing Visit to a Revolutionary Scandinavian Prison; August 2017; Drexel NOW.

Event---What is Prison For? Perspectives from Norway and Pennsylvania- October 2, 2017. Drexel University, Chester PA

Transformative Justice- Activists model transformative justice as juvenile lifer heads to court .                

PENNSYLVANIA-Bill Tracker: Creating parole for elderly and infirm- February 1, 2018.

In 2018, What Do Pa.'s Women Prisoners Look Forward To?- Ellen Melchiondo; Co-Developer WLRP and PA Women Lifers APP-HRC chapter.-January 11, 2018

"Philly's oldest juvenile lifer resentenced, but is it too late?"-May 17, 2017- (Joseph Ligon -FREEDOM CAMPAIGN)

"Lifer turns down parole after spending 63 years behind bars"- Metro UK. (Joseph Ligon- FREEDOM CAMPAIGN)

"Prison lifer turns down parole after 63 years behind bars" - Telegraph UK (Joseph Ligon-FREEDOM CAMPAIGN)

Muncy State prison’s lady lifers talk of redemption” February 16, 2017: Helen Ubinas, Philadelphia Inquirer

Lois Farquharson's continued incarceration is Pennsylvania's loss: Christopher Moraff-March 20, 2014:Penn Live,

Pennsylvania’s oldest female inmate—in prison for a 1971 Society Hill murder—dies at age 91” January 6, 2017: Tommy Rowan, The Inquirer

"Women serving Life Without Parole in Pennsylvania are deserving of meaningful assistance and a second chance"  Ellen Melchiondo

Sharon (Peachie) Wiggins-Documentary Video: Life Sentence;

VIRGINIA-Elderly Prisoners Passed Over for Parole - January 30, 2018.

"Parole board grants release to two more three-strikers, makes two others eligible for parole"-December 15, 2017, The Virginian Pilot

"Waiting--And Waiting--An Advent Behind Bars"; December 5, 2017-Harvey Yoder-

Virginia Questions Whether to Release Older Prisoners” April 24, 2017: Peter Dujardin, The Daily Press

“In February, 51 Parole Denials, Zero Grants” April 19, 2017: Harvey Yoder, Harvspot

"Four Sound Ways to Reduce Incarceration”January 27, 2017: Harvey Yoder, Harvspot

For Virginia Inmates Little Hope of Parole- May 15, 2013: Sam Isaacs, Capital News Service,

Long Held Inmates Sue Virginia Board for Release-August 2, 1010-Washington Post;

Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March and Rally-Join the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March; Charlotte Malerich; DCSTAMPEDE-

Plantations were prisons mobilizing for the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March- Angela Allen Bell;

Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March Press Release- USHRNetwork-

COMPASSIONATE RELEASE- Free Leonard Peltier! On his 43rd Year in Prison, He Yearns to hug his grandchildren; February 6, 2018.

Our Prison Population Is Getting Older and Older; December 11, 2017

US jails: doctors should support compassionate release, say ethicists; Sept 2017.

The Obama administration’s plan to deal with elderly inmates isn’t working. Can it be fixed?- Sept 2017.

How the Bureau of Prisons locked down compassionate release'” April 18, 2017: Mary Price, Learn Liberty

ARTIVISM- Prisoners of Age Exhibit- Ron Levine; Canadian Photographer-

Elderly Prisoners Loom Large and in Budget-

Facing old age behind bars: Photos illustrate aging inmates’ challenges-Ron Levine and Aileen Hongo-

Broken Systems and Punishing Families-Allegra Taylor (daughter of aging father incarcerated 46 years in solitary confinement, died in prison)

LOUISIANA- The Roanoke Time-The Latest: Louisiana delays parole for 71-year-old inmate" December 14, 2017

The Times-Picayune- “For a few Louisiana lifers, a new chance at parole” July 6, 2017

The Advocate-“For a growing share of Louisiana’s inmates, only chance for release lies with the governor—or the grave” June 11, 2017

Inmates are dying to get out of Louisiana prisons. Time to change?” April 7, 2017: Tim Morris, The NOLA Times-Picayune

“Angola is not only a prison, but a very expensive nursing home” April 4, 2017: Mark Schindler and Barry Holman, The NOLA Times-Picayune

“‘Geriatric parole’ ought to be an option in Louisiana: Editorial” April 2, 2017: The Times-Picayune Editorial Board

How long should Louisiana keep old, ill criminals in prison?” March 22, 2017: Julia O’Donoghue, The Times-Picayune

Glenn Ford; ABC News Video- Exonerated Death Row Inmate Meets Prosecutor Who Put Him There;

FLORIDA- Record number of inmates died in Florida prisons last year- January 27, 2018-

Some Lifers Sentenced as Juveniles May Have Done Their Time- December 24, 2017-

“Florida can reduce prison population” March 29, 2017: Raymer Maguire and Scott McCoy, Miami Herald op-ed

“Ill, elderly prisoners cost Fla. taxpayers more than $200M a year” March 15, 2017: Dave Elias, NBC2

MARYLAND-Court eyes whether juvenile lifers have real parole chance. February 7, 2018.

Teens sentenced to life in prison say Maryland’s parole system is unconstitutional. February 6, 2018.

Governor Larry Hogan Announces Statewide Violent Crime Initiatives December 5, 2017-


“Maryland should make parole a meaningful part of sentencing again”February 13, 2017: Nazgol Ghandnoosh, The Washington Post

Eraina Pretty-ABC NEWS Video Documentary- "Hidden America: Nation of Women Behind Bars"- (Eraina Pretty-FREEDOM CAMPAIGN)

Eraina Pretty- ABC News Video Documentary- "Women Behind Bars and the Families They Left Behind"- (Eraina Pretty-FREEDOM CAMPAIGN)

WASHINGTON DC- D.C.’s Broken Parole System Judges, lawyers, and legal advocates sign an open letter in support of would-be parolees languishing far too long-

U.S. appeals court revives parole challenge by D.C. inmates imprisoned since 1985-

ALABAMA-Alabama Supreme Court Sets January Execution Date for Vernon Madison- November 22, 2017

Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty for Murderer Who Can't Remember His Crime-November 2017-

Who is Vernon Madison? Alabama cop-killer facing execution has claimed insanity, incompetence- May 11, 2016

Phillip Chance- The Marshall Project. The Punishing Price of Freedom.

EJI-A Story of Racial Bias, the Absence of Mercy, and a Death in Prison.


"Michigan man free on bond after 45 years in prison"-December 14, 2017-